Last Version Of OTM On-Premise Announced

Oracle Announces Transition of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) On-Premise to Sustainment Support

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KSAP was a proud platinum sponsor of this year’s OTM SIG Conference where Jim Mooney, Group VP of Logistics Development at Oracle, announced that Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) On-Premise will transition from Extended Support to Sustainment Support by December 2026.

This pivotal development brings to light the evolving landscape of technology and security in the industry. As of December 2026, customers utilizing OTM On-Premise will no longer have access to vital security patches and crucial software updates from Oracle. Given the current IT climate, where security and data protection have risen to paramount importance for enterprises worldwide, this transition warrants careful consideration.

Oracle’s move to shift its support structure highlights the significance of staying aligned with evolving security and operational demands. Enterprises relying on OTM for seamless logistics management must recognize the potential IT risks posed by discontinuing updates. Stagnation in security measures could expose vulnerabilities, potentially compromising sensitive data and operational efficiency.

During the conference, it was underscored that the impending release of OTM 6.5.3 in Q4 of 2023 will mark the final patch release for OTM On-Premise users. Oracle’s guidance emphasizes that customers contemplating a migration to OTM Cloud should ensure their systems are upgraded to a 6.5.x version. This approach aligns with Oracle’s commitment to empowering customers with the latest advancements in cloud-based solutions.

Engaging with customers who have yet to transition to the Cloud has shed light on a prevalent challenge. Many have chosen to tailor their On-Premise solutions to suit their unique requirements, resulting in customer-specific customizations. These customized configurations are not easily portable to the OTM Cloud environment, necessitating in-depth expertise in the intricacies of the OTM application.

Recognizing these complexities, KSAP, a trusted leader in the Oracle Transportation Management space, has diligently developed a suite of applications designed to enhance OTM functionality called OTMNow. This suite encompasses vital capabilities, including streamlined data loading, tailor-made UI screen adaptations, and automated testing processes. KSAP is ideally positioned to offer seamless assistance in orchestrating the migration of data and customizations, ensuring a smooth transition to OTM Cloud for the outstanding On-Premise customers.

In the face of Oracle’s strategic shift and the broader industry landscape, companies seeking a proven solution to seamlessly migrate to the cloud can rely on KSAP’s expertise. For a deeper understanding of how KSAP can guide your migration journey and empower your business with OTM Cloud’s capabilities, we invite you to reach out to us.

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