OTMNow is a cloud-based platform that complements the transportation management system (TMS) developed by KSAP Technologies Inc. It offers a comprehensive set of solutions to help businesses manage their transportation needs. These solutions include carrier contract management, enhanced spot market rate shopping, on-premise to cloud data migration, simplified Master Data Maintenance (MDM), and Automated Testing for quarterly TMS cloud updates. One of the key features of OTMNow is its Master Data Maintenance tool, which can help businesses eliminate the effort of keeping systems in sync and complex Master Data integrations with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). OTMNow also provides access to clients' carriers and allows businesses to compare spot rates based on preferred delivery windows through its Spot Rate shopping feature. Additionally, OTMNow offers QA Automation to validate inbound integration, process end-to-end scripted stories in OTM, and trigger outbound integration. The platform also includes OTMNow Migrate, which makes moving data from one instance to another easier by connecting 2 application instances and letting the tool do the data migration for you. OTMNow is a scalable and flexible solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes and customized to meet their specific needs.