Quarterly Release Certification

KSAP offers comprehensive Managed Services to assist customers in certifying each Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) quarterly software update. Our Managed Services are designed to allow our customers to focus on managing their business and process while trusting us to certify each release and maximize the benefits of each
update while minimizing the impact on the business. Here's an overview of the Managed Services provided by KSAP:

Managed Services for OTM Quarterly Software Updates

Readiness Check: Our team conducts a thorough readiness assessment before
each quarterly update. This includes reviewing your existing configuration,
customizations, and integration points to identify potential areas of impact.

Compatibility Analysis: We analyze the new features and changes introduced
in the update and assess how they align with your current OTM setup.

Optional Customization Evaluation: We evaluate your customizations to
determine whether they are compatible with the upcoming update and recommend any necessary adjustments.

2. Update Planning and Scheduling

Strategic Planning: We work closely with your team to create a strategic plan for the update, including scheduling, downtime management, and resource

Risk Mitigation: We identify potential risks associated with the update and
develop mitigation strategies to minimize disruption to your operations.

Testing Strategy: We help define a comprehensive testing strategy, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT), to ensure the
update meets your business requirements.

3. Quality Assurance and Testing

Automated Testing: KSAP utilizes its proprietary QA Automation Platform with customer specific scripts to thoroughly test the OTM instance after the update. Our QA automation ensures that critical functionalities are working as expected.

QA Automation: We use our QA Automation platform to run customer-specific
test scripts including inbound and outbound integrations, ensuring that all data
flows smoothly without errors.

Issue Resolution: If any issues or discrepancies are identified during testing, we provide rapid resolution and support to address these concerns.

4. Documentation and Training

Documentation: We provide comprehensive documentation of the update,
including release notes and documentation of any changes made to your system.

User Training: KSAP offers training sessions to ensure your team is well-
prepared to use the new features and functionalities introduced in the quarterly

5. Post-Update Support

Monitoring: We continuously monitor your OTM instance after the update to
identify any potential issues or performance bottlenecks.

Issue Resolution: Our support team is available to address any post-update
issues promptly and efficiently.

Performance Optimization: We work on optimizing your OTM configuration to
take advantage of new features and improve overall performance.

Quarterly Release Certification

KSAP understands that the Oracle Quarterly Release Schedule

  • Delivery Schedule: Oracle provides quarterly updates, with the test environment
    receiving the update on the first Friday of the quarterly update month, and the
    production environment on the third Friday of the same month. These updates
    are essential to keep your OTM Cloud instance current with the latest features
    and security enhancements.
  • Outage Time: During the update process, there will be scheduled downtime.
    This downtime typically starts on Friday at 21:00 Local Data Center Time.
  • Readiness Materials: Oracle ensures that readiness materials are posted at
    least 30 days before the update availability, allowing organizations to prepare for
    the changes.

Why KSAP for Your OTM Cloud Journey

  • Choosing KSAP as your partner for migrating OTM to the Cloud means you
    benefit from our expertise in managing Oracle's quarterly releases effectively. We
    ensure your system stays up-to-date with the latest features, security patches,
    and improvements.
  • With our rigorous QA Automation and QA Simulator, we reduce the risk
    associated with upgrades, guaranteeing that your OTM Cloud environment
    continues to perform optimally after every quarterly release.
  • Our commitment to excellence and our focus on forming long-term partnerships
    with our customers make us the ideal choice for ensuring your OTM Cloud
    journey is a success.

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