End of an Era, Last OTM On-Premise Release Available 6.5.3

End of an Era, Last OTM On-Premise Release Available 6.5.3

End of an Era, Last OTM On-Premise Release Available 6.5.3

Atlanta, GA – November 2023

It’s a momentous occasion in the world of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) as Oracle Corporation recently unveiled the final on-premise version of OTM, marked as 6.5.3. This release signifies the culmination of a remarkable 24-year journey. As someone who has been intimately involved with this product as an employee of G-Log since January 2000, I find it both nostalgic and awe-inspiring to reflect on the evolution of OTM over the years.

Back in the G-Log days, we were one of the pioneers of the idea of a web-based transportation management system (TMS). The G-Log web-based product also known as Gc3 had a downloadable application known as the Global Command and Control Center that could be installed on your computer giving you the feel of a local solution but fully integrated into the web-based application. As customers fully adopted the concept of web-based solutions the control center was retired

Throughout the years, we witnessed the continuous growth and enhancement of OTM. New modules and features, including Freight Forwarding, Sourcing, and Fleet, were added to the application. OTM transformed into one of the most flexible and capable TMS solutions available, adept at meeting the diverse needs of customers, including some of the world’s largest enterprises.

To commemorate this milestone, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire OTM development team at Oracle. Many of these team members have been part of the journey since the G-Log era. This continuity is a testament to the enduring culture cultivated by G-Log’s founding team. The sense of camaraderie and unity within the OTM community is akin to a family or a fraternity. Fond memories of celebrating releases, Friday happy hours, and the vibrant office environment are etched in our minds. I distinctly recall the excitement of preparing new releases, meticulously testing the installer, and even burning CDs for distribution—a process that now seems quaint in our digital age.

Our journey with Glog OTM has been nothing short of an incredible achievement. Those who have been integral to this journey should take pride in the remarkable accomplishments of the last 24 years, as I certainly do.

For those considering installing the final release OTM 6.5.3, Oracle has provided detailed information about this final release. Although it doesn’t introduce new functionality, it includes numerous bug fixes and retains the technical architecture of previous 6.5.x versions.

For further information on OTM 6.5.3, you can refer to the following Oracle Metalink Service Requests:

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As we bid adieu to this era of Oracle Transportation Management, I look forward to the continued evolution of transportation and logistics technology in the digital age.

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