How To Get Involved in OTM SIG

Working in the OTM space for over 20 years has allowed us to truly appreciate the community of users that has grown across the globe. A byproduct of a world-class platform with a community of willing users to share information has enabled the creation of the largest OATUG User community which is the OTM SIG. The OTM SIG is easy to join and provides many benefits which can be taken advantage of. 

What is the OTM SIG

The OTM SIG represents the largest Oracle software community of Users, Partners, and Technology enablers coming together to share knowledge and experience.  We come together through onsite conferences, Webinars, and forums to help and guide users through experience and knowledge.


  • Enhance OTM user skills by sharing technical and functional ideas – created for users by users.
  • Increase the technical advantage of their business or organization
  • Educate individuals to improve their value to their employer and the market they serve
  • Gain access to a growing network of peers for collaboration and information exchange
  • Collectively voice opinions to Oracle about their products, services, and policies.

What is the OTM SIG Board?

The OTM SIG Board is comprised of the following members:

  • 9 Americas Client positions, 3 Americas Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 Technology position
  • 9 Regional Client positions, 3 Regional Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 Technology position
  • 1 Oracle Liaison

A Board Chair for Americas and Regional is elected by the OTM SIG board following each election.  Preference will be given to a director who has served at least one year and must be a client.

As an OTM SIG Board Member, you join a dedicated team of professionals working together to:

  • Help promote the ideals and activities of the OTM SIG in the region
  • Enable communication with Oracle on recommended enhancements, product direction, feedback, and strategy
  • Share information and experiences among users, managers, and IT professionals
  • Facilitate conferences, training, and education among the user community
  • Provide representation for the OTM SIG at national and local events
  • Empower users to collaborate across organizations

Expectations of OTM SIG Board Members

  • Weekly calls are normally scheduled on Friday morning (1 hour per week)
  • Quarterly Regular participation in quarterly conference calls (1 hour per quarter)
  • Involvement in at least 1 conference subcommittee  (A few hours per month)

How to Join OATUG

To register for a free OATUG account follow the following steps:

  1. Go to https://www.oatug.org/join
  2. Click Join OATUG in the Individual Associate level
  3. Click Create a Profile
  4. Complete the New User Account form
    1. Ensure you select Oracle Transportation Management in the Oracle Product Lines section
    2. Under Email News and Information Options Check #4
    3. Click Cancel when prompted to pay (You are only signing up for a free account)

How to join OTM SIG

Once you complete the following process you can search at any time the GEO/SIG section of the website to confirm you are part of the SIG. Any Product Name where you have selected Participate will ensure you are receiving all SIG notifications.

  1. Click Geo/SIGs at the top
  2. Search for OTM in the Name search
  3. Check Participate checkbox for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) SIG
  4. Click Submit

OTM SIG Events

The OTM SIG holds the following events each year. It is important to check the following website for the latest dates for upcoming events https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/home

  • Quarterly Webinar
  • 3 Regional COnferences a year – https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/events/calendar
    • US Conference
    • EMEA Conference 
    • APAC Conference

Elections – Note each November elections are held. Important dates can be found at https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/home

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Sam Levin

Sam Levin | Key Contributor

Sam has spent over 20 years in the Transportation Management Software space starting his journey at G-Log. Since that time Sam has been guiding companies across the globe with their supply chain initiatives.