Fuel Prices Are At An All-Time High

Fuel Prices Are At An All-Time High 

A Transportation Industry Expert Explains The Impact

The pandemic has led to a strong rate freight environment over the past 18 months, but now the Russian-Ukraine conflict has triggered record-high fuel prices. In this video VP of Trucking Research at FTR, Avery Vise speaks about all-time high fuel prices and the impact on the freight market. Here’s the summary, lightly edited by me:

  • The all-time record-high national average of Diesel prices impacting the bottom line for carriers
  • Recommendations on making trucking operations as efficient as possible amid supply chain disruptions
  • Potential risks of renegotiating contracts in the current environment because of the uncertainties in the market
  • Carriers should closely watch consumer spending going forward vs. pandemic-era stimulus triggered boosted spending and increased freight volumes

I agree with Vise: smart carriers should have been setting aside cash to cover unusual situations like the current spike in diesel prices. I look forward to continuing to follow the latest in transportation news and helping companies who manage transportation services.

Watch the full-length interview here:

Source: All-time high fuel prices and the impact on the freight market, Youtube Video, 25 minutes 20 seconds, Posted By Commercial Carrier Journal, March 17, 2022


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