KSAP Drives Digital Transformation and Efficiency in Media & Entertainment Giant

In the fast-paced realm of Media and entertainment, staying at the forefront of technology and innovation is paramount. A media conglomerate with a remarkable revenue of $67 billion recognized this imperative and embarked on a transformative journey, with KSAP as its strategic partner, to enhance efficiency, security, and customer experience by moving to the Cloud.

Project 1: Seamless Cloud Migration with Data Richness

The challenge was to migrate a massive amount of data spanning over a decade from an on-premises Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) 6.3.7 system to the cloud, without sacrificing customizations or disrupting operations.

The Solution:

KSAP took on the role of the Cloud Migration System Implementer, orchestrating a comprehensive migration strategy. The successful execution encompassed not only the seamless transition of data but also the transformation of customizations and integrations for cloud compatibility. All reports were migrated to the cloud, ensuring that the client's critical insights remained accessible.

Key Achievements:

1. Agile Cloud Platform with Cost Savings: By migrating to the cloud, the client experienced a reduction in IT costs while gaining access to an agile platform. This platform allowed for swift adaptability and scalability as the client's needs evolved.

2. Enhanced Performance and Security: KSAP's process enhancements and mitigation of customizations led to significant improvements in system performance and security. The client's operations were streamlined, resulting in a smoother workflow.

3. Empowering with New Features: With the migration to the cloud, the client tapped into a treasure trove of new features and functionalities. This enriched their operations and opened avenues for innovation.

4. On-Time, Within Budget: The cloud migration was executed flawlessly, adhering to the stipulated timeline and budget, underscoring KSAP's commitment to excellence.
Project 2: Enriched Application Managed Services
Building upon the success of the cloud migration, the client further engaged KSAP for Application Managed Services (AMS) to ensure the ongoing optimization and maintenance of their Oracle Transportation Management system.

Key Achievements:

1. Reduced IT Costs: Through efficient AMS services, the client experienced a reduction in IT costs, freeing resources for strategic initiatives.

2. Elevated Customer Service: With dedicated resources and 24×7 support from multiple geographies, customer service was significantly improved, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

3. Seamless Transition and Integration: KSAP's expertise facilitated the smooth transition of AMS services from a third-party vendor. All integrations were redeveloped, ensuring optimal functionality.

4. OTM Expertise at Hand: The client enjoyed the advantage of OTM enhancements without requiring additional in-house expertise. KSAP's proficiency and resources covered all their enhancement needs.

5. Effortless Adoption of Innovations: KSAP's meticulous Oracle OTM Quarterly Release Certification process ensured that the client could effortlessly adopt new features and functions. Automated testing streamlined this process, saving time and resources.

In the end, the partnership between this Media and entertainment leader and KSAP resulted in a transformation that not only elevated their technological capabilities but also streamlined operations, enhanced security, and ultimately improved customer experiences. The success story stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and technological innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.


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