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ERP Modernization

Today’s innovative business leaders realize legacy ERP systems were not designed with the best-practice capabilities needed to compete and grow in today’s data-driven environment. Whether it be to support your operational goals, embrace digital technology, or grow & expand with confidence, the need to adapt to key technological and generational changes has become apparent and KSAP’s goal is to help you achieve rapid time-to-value on your ERP modernization journey.

Every ERP solution is unique and the way that ERP systems get implemented changes from implementation to implementation. In recent years, cloud computing has ushered in a new ERP era, and new digital technologies have changed how users interact with applications, including ERP. Today’s technology-driven ERP enables businesses to become more agile and nimble, and the modern ERP gains impact and value from its ability to handle the right mix of business capabilities that match the data and workflows across your business network. 

Our ERP Modernization Solutions make sure your needs are met, today and tomorrow. Whether it’s adapting your current ERP to accommodate business changes easily and quickly, or transitioning from the status quo to a new modern ERP, KSAP solutions create a foundation for agility and growth.

Mapping your ERP Journey towards a simpler, more modern ERP:

  • ERP consolidation onto the Cloud
  • Integrate HR cost planning with ERP budgeting tools
  • Connect your Supply Chain to Finance and Ops
  • Leverage next-gen Technologies
  • Embracing the new as part of a continuous improvement philosophy


Featured Solutions:

  • Financials
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Enterprise Performance Management [EPM]
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing
  • ERP Analytics