2022 OTM SIG Board Elections Begin Soon

KSAP is committed to the ongoing growth of the OTM community by supporting the OTM SIG (https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/home). Each year the OTM SIG has elections to fill positions on the Board. The OTM SIG requires the customer user community to vote for their preferred candidates to fill the vacant board seat. As we kick off the 2022 election an overview of the board, voter registration, and voting details have been provided below:

If you are not registered to vote for the OTM SIG Board follow the steps below

  1. Join OATUG (it’s free)
  2. Participate in the GEO/SIG Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) SIG
  3. Follow the steps to vote when you receive the Election email on November 7th

Step 1 – How to Join OATUG

To register for a free OATUG account follow the following steps:

  1. Go to https://www.oatug.org/join
  2. Click Join OATUG in the Individual Associate level
  3. Click Create a Profile
  4. Complete the New User Account form
    1. Ensure you select Oracle Transportation Management in the Oracle Product Lines section
    2. Under Email News and Information Options Check #4
    3. Click Cancel when prompted to pay (You are only signing up for a free account)

Step 2 – How to join OTM SIG

Once you complete the following process you can search at any time the GEO/SIG section of the website to confirm you are part of the SIG. Any Product Name where you have selected Participate will ensure you are receiving all SIG notifications.

  1. Click Geo/SIGs at the top
  2. Search for OTM in the Name search
  3. Check Participate checkbox for Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) SIG
  4. Click Submit

Step 3 – Vote

The OTM SIG will email you via the email address geo-sig@oatug.org which will contain a link to vote.

OTM SIG Election Dates

The OTM SIG holds the following events each year. It is important to check the following website for the latest dates for upcoming events https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/home

  • Elections – Note each November elections are held. Important dates can be found at https://www.oatug.org/otmsig/home
    • For 2022 Elections
      • Nov 07th, 2022 – Deadline to register to vote: You must follow the steps above to register with OATUG
        • To be included in OTM SIG elections, please ensure that you indicate your Geo/SIGs preference of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) SIG using the steps above
      • Nov 08th, 2022 – Elections open
        • Once you are a member, all client users will receive an email with a Unique Voter Key (please check the spam folder to ensure delivery). Please click on the link supplied and vote for who you would feel would be the best candidate before Midnight on Monday, Nov 30th.
      • Nov 30th, 2022 – Last day to vote

The running of the OTM SIG requires a board of directors spread across the globe with one Chair. The Board is a mix of customers, Partners, and Technology companies but only customers get a vote. The OTM SIG Board is comprised of the following:

  • 9 Americas Client positions, 3 Americas Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 Technology position
  • 9 Regional Client positions, 3 Regional Partner/Consultancy positions, 1 Technology position
  • 1 Oracle Liaison

The Americas Board of Directors has the following positions available for the 2023-2025 (three-year) term:

  • 3 Client Members
  • 1 Partner Member
  • 1 Technology Member

The Regional Board (EMEA/APAC) has the following positions available for the 2023-2025 (three-year) term:

  • 3 Client Members
  • 1 Partner Member
  • 1 Technology Member

Take a moment to ensure your vote is heard and you vote for the OTM SIG Board.

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